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Wednesday Words

24 Apr


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So Proud!

20 Apr

Well, this actually happened in February, but I never posted about it.  My Girlio had a piece of her art from school entered into an art contest by her teacher!  It was so fun to attend the showing of everyone’s art, and I am SO proud of her-love her picture!!!


Kids’ Craft #79-Marshmellow Structures

19 Apr

Another Spring Break craft/activity involved marshmellows!  I had seen where people had used marshmellows and toothpicks to create structures, and I thought it would be fun to try with the kids.  The Girlio did a great job of making the shapes I came up with.  The Boy just used a toothpick to spear each and every marshmellow passed his way and eat it.  🙂

IMG_2539 IMG_2537 IMG_2540


Pinterest Thursday-Kids’ Craft #78-Washi Tape Eggs

18 Apr

Another Spring Break craft:


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I had just received a grab bag of washi tape from Freckled Fawn, and OH, if I had known how fabulous it was going to be, I would have ordered another!  Anyway, they were all perfect spring colors, so I grabbed this craft, and away we went!  We made tons-I used the extra bits of washi (left over after The Girlio cut out the egg shapes) for patchwork ones, but The Girlio made the rest.  I was very impressed with how straight she got the washi tape rows!  Several got made into ornaments for Easter, and the rest were for a new banner to replace our St. Patrick’s Day banner.  Oh, and I did Mod Podge them all so that the tape would be less likely to peel up.



Another easy and fun craft in the books!  🙂

Wednesday Words

17 Apr


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Kids’ Craft #77-Zentangle Eggs

12 Apr

Another Spring Break craft-I found these on Today’s Mama, and since The Girlio is so into coloring right now, I thought they would be fun to play with:


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I thought they would look great on the front of an Easter card, so The Girlio cut one out (she calls it her Target Egg, and I’ll bet you can guess why), and glued it to construction paper.  Uh…The Boy just did his own thing.  🙂




Pinterest Thursday-Kids’ Craft #76-Carrot Eggs

11 Apr

Here is another of the crafts we did during Spring Break.  Found it on Pinterest, and we just HAD to make the carrot ones!  🙂


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I don’t have pictures of the final results, but these were so easy and fun to make, and I love any kind of craft that has googly eyes.  🙂

Next time maybe we will try to make the other animals too.