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Kid’s Craft #59-Yarn Monsters

28 Sep

You ever have one of those moments where you see something and have to drop everything and make it RIGHT NOW?

This was one for us.

I saw these:

pinned here

Within an hour, we had our very own:

These things are SO adorable!  I think they look like Tribbles from Star Trek.  The Boy keeps picking them up and saying “Owwwww!”  He thinks they look like owls.  🙂

I was really proud of The Girlio too-I applied the mod podge, but she wrapped all the balls herself (except for the green one-I made that!)  Then, I just hot-glued the eyes on top.  Super easy.

She even took two of them to school for her teachers and they were a big hit!

Wednesday Words

26 Sep

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Card Monday

24 Sep

Today I have two fall/halloween cards for you.

First-a little background.  I had really been wanting to try out the super cute Doodlebug card sets, but the price tag was too steep-even with using a coupon.  So, I had just been biding my time, when some showed up in the clearance section at Hobby Lobby for $3.59.  That’s more like it!  🙂

Anyway, I wanted to take on a challenge from Jen Gallagher’s blog to make a fall/halloween card, so I pulled out some super old rubons from I don’t even know how long ago, and came up with these two cards and matching envelopes:

Super cute and easy-just the way I like it!  🙂  I was actually really surprised that the rubons still worked-sometimes they won’t if they are too old, but these worked just great, so that was nice!

Anyway, hope you enjoyed!

Pinterest Thursday

20 Sep

A few weeks back I made these from Pinterest:

pin found here

I followed the recipe completely, and while they did look like this when I finished making them, they fell apart very easily.  I even put them in the fridge for a bit (as the recipe suggested) to firm them up, but they still didn’t stick together as well as I liked, and especially with little kids, they needed to be firm so I didn’t have pieces everywhere!  I ended up smooshing them together really hard so that they looked more like little log-shaped bars.

The verdict: the kids loved them, but I thought they were a bit too sweet and fell apart easily.  Also, even though I cut them into smaller bars, they were still a bit too big for the kids.  I am going to make them again, but this time I think I am going to roll them into balls-hopefully they will stay together better, and be a better portion size.  Also, I think I am going to cut down on the brown sugar or honey just a bit to make them a little less sweet.  They were very easy to make, and took no time at all, so this recipe is a keeper-I am just going to tweak it a bit for next time.

Also, I posted a while back about this smores snack.  A tip-I was making a bigger batch and splitting it into little baggies, but The Girlio was complaining because the marshmellows were hard (I think the cereal was taking the moisture out of them.)  So, I started packaging just the marshmellows separately, and that has been working better.

Wednesday Words

19 Sep

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