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Wednesday Words

27 Jul


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Wednesday Words

20 Jul

A great reminder with a super busy schedule the next couple of weeks!  🙂

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Book Review-Traces of Guilt

19 Jul

Synopsis: Traces of Guilt by Dee Henderson is the first book in the Evie Blackwell Cold Case series.  It follows up-and-coming Illinois State Police detective Evie Blackwell as she is assigned to two cold cases that have baffled local police for years-a missing cop and his family, and a missing six year old girl.  The goal is to have success on these two cases as a springboard to a new task force designed to look into unsolved cases across the state-and Evie is determined to succeed.   As she delves into each case, she discovers more and more disturbing information.  Are the crimes related in any way, and could there be killers hidden within this sleepy little community?  What will happen when Evie starts getting closer to the truth?

My Thoughts:  Dee Henderson is my favorite author, and I have read everything she has ever written.  That being said, this book was a little too dark for me.  The main subject material is sexual abuse of children, and while I love a good mystery, I didn’t really want to read about this topic.  The book is well-written, has interesting characters, plenty of action, and a touch of romance-just like all of Ms. Henderson’s books, but this one just wasn’t for me.  I did like her new character in Evie, and I am sure I will read the next one which hopefully won’t have such a dark subject matter.

My thanks as always to Bethany House for providing me with a complimentary copy of this book for my unbiased review.

Wednesday Words

13 Jul


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Book Review-Teaching From Rest

12 Jul

I have been following Sarah Mackenzie’s YouTube channel since earlier this year, and she has a lot of really great things to say.  So, when I found out she had written a book and it was available at my local library, I decided to read it.  And I am so glad I did.

I don’t know if anything I could say would do it justice, so I will just say that if you homeschool, this book is definitely worth the read.  I definitely got a different perspective on homeschooling in general, some good reminders, and some good encouragement as a homeschool mom.  I think this is one of those books to read every couple of years or so-good stuff!