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Where I’ve Been

31 Mar

So, I had not meant to be off the blog for quite so long, but here it is the end of the first quarter already and I haven’t posted.
Where have I been, you might ask?
Well, 2017 really ended with a bang. I ended up having emergency gallbladder surgery on December 30th.
I spent much of January recovering, only to injure my arm.
I managed to keep up with homeschooling the kids, but pretty much everything else fell to the wayside.
By the middle of February, I was feeling back to normal, but boy, did I feel behind!
AND, just in time for Girl Scout cookie season which always keeps us hopping.
I have also been prepping homeschool for the next school year, The Boy had his eighth birthday, and we are about to start our mandatory homeschool testing for The Girlio.  Whew!
So, basically, I have been playing some major catch-up this year.
BUT, I am finally getting back on track, and you will be seeing a lot more of me here on the blog.  Yay for that!  🙂
I have lots to share, so look for several posts starting next week!