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Book Review-Miracle in a Dry Season

30 Sep


Summary: Miracle in a Dry Season by Sarah Loudin Thomas takes place in 1950s West Virginia, and follows the story of Perla Long and her daughter Sadie as they arrive in the town of Wise to stay with Perla’s aunt.  Perla hopes that the move to Wise will quiet all the rumors that swirled around her in her previous home, and she can lead a normal, quiet life.  At least, a life as quiet as can be with a small child, no husband, and an unusual gift-every time she cooks, it seems like it multiplies ten-fold.

But, things aren’t any better in Wise.  The gossip is relentless, and when a drought begins to plague the area, people begin to blame Perla for that too-thinking she is a curse.  Will Perla ever have a home untainted by her past?  Will anyone ever be able to look past her sins and accept her as she is?  And why does she have this strange gift-is it really a curse as some people say?

Review: This book picks up where Appalachian Serenade ends (an e-book prequel, that I believe is still free, and I have previously reviewed on the blog.)  I loved Appalachian Serenade, and had been looking forward to this book as well.  I was not disappointed.  I love Loudin’s writing style, and am particularly impressed with this being her first book.  It was well-written, entertaining, and had some good twists and turns.  It also has a really great message about forgiving others-no matter what.  I enjoyed this book tremendously, and will definitely be reading anything else written by this author.  This is a “keeper” book for me!

As always, I thank Bethany House for providing me a complimentary copy of this book for my unbiased review.

Card Monday

29 Sep

An anniversary card I made recently-love the results!

I used the Studio Calico Jubilee kit on this one, along with my white gel pen.

Kid’s Craft #104-Olaf Perler Project

26 Sep

OK, this perler project was quite the undertaking!  It kept falling apart, so I ended up altering the pattern a bit, and ended up buying a bigger board to make it easier to put larger projects together.  I am getting better at ironing these as well, but you can see this one could’ve been better.  🙂
Here is the pin if you are interested in getting the pattern, but I definitely recommend altering it a bit to make it easier to iron!

Pinterest Thursday-Rock Candy!

25 Sep

So, here is another “Frozen” themed project we pulled from Pinterest-rock candy (crystals, Frozen, you get it!)

pin found here

We pretty much followed the directions exactly, but I did take a hint from this pin to use washi tape and clothespins across the top of the jar to hold the skewers in place-worked like a charm.

I think next time, I would try to find smaller cups, as it really took a lot of liquid to fill up the cups we had, but it was still a fun science/cooking experiment, and we really enjoyed it!


Wednesday Words

24 Sep

pin found here