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Kid’s Craft #130-Easter Crafts

29 May

Took me a while to post these, but here are some Easter crafts!
Do A Dot Eggs (by both of the big kids):
pin found here
Easter Perlers (by The Girlio):
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Pinterest Thursday-Science Experiments

28 May

During the past school year, we did some fun science experiments.  Here were two we did towards the end of the year:
Milk Experiment:
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I love experiments that have instant reactions, and this is one of those.  Very fun and easy, and I actually did it with both The Girlio and The Boy-twice.  VERY fun.  Here is my favorite of the results-kind of looks like a galaxy, doesn’t it?
Skittles Experiment:
pin found here
This wasn’t as much fun as the first one, but it still worked.  We also added a glass of cold water, and one of very hot-just to stretch the experiment.  I had The Girlio write down her hypotheses and results on this experiment sheet we like to use:
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Wednesday Words

27 May

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Kid’s Craft #129-Do A Dot Pages

22 May

I had been wanting to buy the kids (especially The boy) a set of Do-A-Dot markers.  I finally got around to buying some, and I had NO idea they would be such a big hit!  I really couldn’t print pages fast enough!


Here are just a few of the ones I found on Pinterest for them:
pin found here
pin found here
pin found here
pin found here
pin found here
pin found here
pin found here
I drew the flower inspired by this pin as well (this is the picture from the pin):
pin found here
And, we played around with some coffee filters (again, this picture is not my pin-I guess I didn’t take any pictures of their creations!):
pin found here

I have a feeling these markers will be well-played with!  🙂

Pinterest Thursday-Teacher Gifts

21 May

For teacher gifts this year, I had seen several cute EOS lip balm gift ideas on Pinterest that looked easy and fun, so we went with those.

For The Girlio’s teacher gifts (we still go to the public school for a couple of programs), we went with her favorite subject right now-SPACE-and made these:

pin found here

For The Boy’s Preschool teachers and therapist, we made these:

the balm
pin found here

These were SO easy to make, and turned out very cute-the perfect project to complete quickly when things are crazy at the end of the year!  🙂