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Pinterest Thursday-Bookmarks

27 Jul

In the past, when I wanted to mark a workbook so The Girlio knew which pages to work on, I used a post-it note on the top of the page.
It worked OK, but this year I decided it might be fun to try bookmarks-especially since there are now more kids in our homeschool, and I don’t want to go through buckets of post-its!
Plus, I have a read aloud book I am working through with The Boy, we have a family read aloud, and of course I am always in the middle of several books, so there definitely was a need for more bookmarks.
Here are the ones I have printed, laminated, and cut so far (I had the kids color the black and white ones, and I added twine through a punched hole to some as well):

Bookmarks for your classroom library!  @Classroom Doodles
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Marca páginas para imprimir
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FREE editable bookmark perfect for any grade! For upper grades, there are reading comprehension stems on the back.
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And my very favorite (I printed a few sets of these):
Free Printable Star Wars Bookmarks | Wit & Wander
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These, plus the bookmarks I showed on Monday, will give us enough to start the year.  If I make more, they will probably be Star Wars too.  🙂


Wednesday Words

26 Jul

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Crafty Stash Series 2 Part 2

25 Jul

Today, I am sharing another project I made using these Studio Calico journaling cards from the Documentary collection:
For this project, I made a memory matching game with the cards.  I took four packs of cards, and put them together into a glassine envelope.  For the label on the envelope, I used more of the same Bo Bunny Press letters stickers I used yesterday, and added them to a matching Documentary label sticker I found in my stash.
Since there were only four card designs in total, I used more of the Documentary stickers (as well as a few stickers from the Bo Bunny Press sheet) to make matching pairs of cards like so:
This gave me eight sets of cards for my matching game, instead of just having four sets of four identical cards.
Here is a picture of how I decorated all sixteen cards:
This game not only used up four more packs of cards, but I was also able to use up some stickers, so that is great too!
That’s it for today-have a great one!

Card Monday-Crafty Stash Series 2 Part 1

24 Jul

Today, I am sharing the beginning of another Crafty Stash Series!
For this one, I discovered a very large stack of Studio Calico journaling card packs from the Documentary collection I wanted to use.
I bought a TON of these when they were being discontinued (for only .25 cents each), and even though I have given several to my son to play with over the years, I still had quite a few packs left over.
For today’s project, I made some bookmarks with them:
I added some old Bo Bunny Press letter stickers and some twine, and now I have some cute bookmarks!
One pack down-a lot more to go!
Tune in tomorrow for a project I made using four more packs.
Have a great day!

Kid Crafts Friday-Drawing Part Three

21 Jul

Today, I thought I would share a few more of the fun drawings the kids have made using the lessons on Art for Kids Hub:
Sorry for the picture quality-I am taking pictures of the drawings in the kids’ little books, and you can definitely see other pictures in the background, but these are still too fun not to share!  🙂
That’s it for today-have a great day!

Wednesday Words

19 Jul

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Book Review-The Legacy

18 Jul

The Legacy (Secrets of the Shetlands Book #3) by [Phillips, Michael]
Overview: The Legacy by Michael Phillips is the third and final book in the Secrets of the Shetlands series.  This book is the continuation in the story of Loni Ford-an American that inherited a large estate in the Shetland isles, and David Tulloch-the local chieftain.  This book provides some of the backstory behind Loni’s ancestors, as well as a continuation of Loni’s acclimation to the local village, as well as the village’s acclimation to her.
My Thoughts:  I have to say I was disappointed with this book.  I reviewed the second book earlier this year, and I thought it was wonderful.  I have always enjoyed reading books by Michael Phillips, and I think he has a wonderful, and most detailed writing style.  This book however, just seemed to be irrelevant to the story line.  I will admit, that for the first time in all of my book reviews over the years, I did not even finish this book.  I read about 100 pages, and felt like nothing really new had even happened since the previous book.  There was a little bit more backstory detail about Loni’s relatives, but I felt it had pretty much been covered in the previous book.  It was mostly her wandering around the island, visiting people, and reading a family journal every once in a while.  I kept waiting for something interesting to happen, but I finally just gave up.  If nothing had happened by page 100, then I was ready to be done.  I actually feel bad, because I WANTED to like this book, especially since I am a fan of the author, but I just couldn’t do it.
I would not recommend this book, unfortunately.  But, I do recommend the previous one, and I do want to thank Bethany House for providing me with a free copy of this book for my unbiased review.  Thank you.