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Kids Craft Friday-Perlers Pt.4

27 Apr

Yes, even MORE perler projects to share!
I keep thinking I will get caught up in sharing, but as I know there are more I haven’t ironed yet, maybe not.  🙂
Here’s some more of The Girlio’s projects:
And, here are some 3D projects!
Fun, huh?  That unicorn is so cute!
Well, that’s everything-until I get back to ironing at least!
Have a great day!

Wednesday Words

25 Apr

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Crafty Stash 3 Part 5

24 Apr

Today I have more projects using my latest crafty stash kit (you can see pictures of the kit on my April 9 post.)
Here are two more of the cards I made:
I made this one for The Girlio-kind of an 80s unicorn look.  🙂  The black card with the white script had words I knew I wouldn’t use, so I flipped it on its side and covered up most of the text.  It still works as a layer, and goes to show you don’t always have to use cards the way they are intended.
The sticker and stamp on this card are from my kit, and then I grabbed a very old card base I made back in the day before personal die cut machines-when you had to go to a scrapbook store and use their big die cutting machine.  Anyone remember those?  🙂
It is a very simple card and took NO time to make, but I really love how it turned out!
I still have lots of supplies left in this kit, but I think I will be winding down this series shortly-I am ready to be done with this kit for now.
Stayed tuned for a few more projects next week though.
Have a great day!


Card Monday-Crafty Stash 3 Part 4

23 Apr

Today I have more projects using my latest crafty stash kit (you can see pictures of the kit on my April 9 post.)
Here are two more of the cards I made:
For this one I just used a Project Life card, and a few stickers-very simple!IMG_5003
Here I decided to use up a bunch of the letter stickers-even the pink mat under the sentiment is more of the stickers.
That’s it for today, but stay tuned-I will be sharing two more cards tomorrow!

Kids Craft Friday-Perlers Pt.3

20 Apr

As promised, here are more of The Girlio’s recent projects:
She has been making so many projects lately-so fun to see.
Next week, I will be sharing some of the 3D projects she has been making!

Wednesday Words

18 Apr

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Book Review-In Places Hidden

17 Apr

218996In Places Hidden was written by Tracie Peterson, and is the first book in the Golden Gate Secrets series.  This historical fiction novel takes place in San Francisco during the early 1900s.
Summary:  Camrianne Coulter is on a mission.  Her older brother has gone missing, and it’s up to her to discover what has happened to him.  She travels to San Francisco and begins her search, but things are much more complicated than they originally seemed.
Camri faces political corruption, racial division, and secrets at every turn. And as the weeks pass, it becomes more and more doubtful that she will ever find an answer to her brother’s disappearance.  Will handsome Irishman Patrick Murdock be able to help her with her search, and will they live to tell the tale?
My Thoughts:  This book is wonderful.  It is well-written, has very interesting and diverse characters, and really delves into the racial division of the time, while taking you along for a mystery where you are just not sure how it will all turn out in the end.
I have really been enjoying Tracie Peterson’s novels lately, and this one is definitely one of my favorites.  I definitely recommend this one, and it will be finding a permanent place on my shelf.  Read it!  🙂
As always, I must say thank you to Bethany House for providing me with a free copy of this book for my unbiased review.  Thank you!