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Kid’s Craft Week #57-Painting a Birdhouse

31 Aug

Our wonderful neighbor gave the kids wooden birdhouses to paint-she is SO nice!!

The Girlio painted it, and after it dried, she applied several different colors of glitter glue on top of the paint.  Turned out cute!!!

Pinterest Thursday

30 Aug

This week I tried another snack idea for The Girlio’s lunches-Strawberry Fruit Roll-ups

pin found here

I wanted to try this recipe because it used the oven instead of a dehydrator.  I was sorely disappointed.  I followed the instructions, but it still ended up a dried-out mess stuck to the parchment paper after only half of the required drying time.  I think I will stick with the dehydrator next time.

Oh well.  At least I also managed to make two loaves of my favorite banana bread.  The day wasn’t a total baking waste!  🙂

Wednesday Words

29 Aug

pin found here

Kid’s Craft Week #56-Toilet Paper Roll Stamping

24 Aug

Found this craft on Pinterest-using cut toilet paper rolls and stamping with paint-great idea!

pin found here

I cut five rolls into different designs, and let her go to town.

A fun project, but I think it took me more time to cut the rolls then she spent stamping.  Oh well.  Always fun to try new things!  🙂

Pinterest Thursday

23 Aug

Now that The Girlio is in school, I have been checking out Pinterest for good snack/lunch ideas.  Here is one I put together for this week:

Smores Snacks

pin found here

I made up a big batch, and then split it out into small snack baggies to be included in lunches.  Turned out great!