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Monday Cards-More Silhouette Birthday Cards

31 Oct

Here are two birthday cards I made this past weekend:

Supplies: All embellishments: October Afternoon; Ink: Tim Holtz Distress; White Pen: Signo; card base cut with Silhouette birthday card file

I found out that Archivers was having a 40% off sale on all October Afternoon, so what was I to do but pick up some of the buttons and embellishments I had been eyeing?  🙂  The buttons are from the Boarding Pass collection, and the paper pieces are from Sidewalks.

I was actually supposed to be making a birthday card for my brother (I started with purple and yellow cardstock-Vikings colors), but they turned into these.  A little too girly for the brother, but awfully cute, and I know I will use them in the future!

Kid’s Craft Week #29-Boats and Pumpkins

28 Oct

Here is a VERY quick and easy craft we made the other day.  The Girlio was watching Sesame Street, and they were trying to build their own little toy boats to float in a tub of water.  After the show, we made our own!

Supplies used:
old coffee tins
popsicle sticks
sheet of copy paper

There wasn’t much crafting needed to make these.  I cut a slit in each of the lids, and she taped paper to the popsicle sticks for the sail, and stuck them into the lid.  Voila-our own toy boats!


In this last picture, she was trying to build a bridge for her toys to walk across.  🙂  The boats float surprisingly well-even with her small toys in them.

So, there you have it-another easy craft.

I also thought I would leave you with a few pictures of our Halloween pumpkins.  We just draw the faces on as we have maniac squirrels that eat the faces off if you carve them.  They still manage to eat a little this way, but the pumpkins last a lot longer.  🙂

The Boy “helping”

The Girlio coloring

The finished products

SO there you have it!  Have a great day!




Pinterest Thursday

27 Oct

I have been using Pinterest for quite a while now, and absolutely LOVE it.  I think they made it with me in mind.  🙂

So, I thought I would share a few of my favorites (in no particular order) that I have pinned this week, along with one that I have already put to good use.  Hopefully, they will inspire you as much as they have me!

1. Christmas Stockings

pin found here

These stockings were created with the Silhouette.  I love the happy colors used, and really, you could use something like this to put your silverware into for place settings at the table, fill them with candy for the kids, make mini ones and place them over a Silhouette-cut fireplace on a card-I have all sorts of ideas for this one!

2. Peppermint Popcorn

pin found here

This looks yummy, doesn’t it?  Think I am going to have to make this!  I also like the cute bowl.  🙂

3. Felt Chips

pin found here

Aren’t these cute?  Now I just have to find someone that can make these for me…oops…I mean the kids-along with a plethora of other foods that would look adorable in felt.

4. Christmas Card

pin found here

Love this cutout!  So many cool ways to do this on Christmas cards!

5. Quiet

pin found here

I think this one just appeals to me because it looks so peaceful and quiet.  Something I don’t really get enough of around here!   🙂

6. Cookie Monster

pin found here

This one I actually found on Facebook and pinned it myself, but thought it was too hilarious not to share.  🙂

And finally, here is a craft I pinned, and then made already this week:

Fishing Game

pin found here

This was a super easy craft to make, and what fun to have a fishing game to play!  I only made some minor adjustments to make it work with what I had on hand.  I used two paper towel rolls for the rod, yarn for the string, and attached three beads to the end of the yarn.  I glued the beads together into a little circle, and then using an old magnet I had on hand, I cut and glued the magnet to three sides of the beads.  It works like a charm!  I also laminated the fish so that they would last longer.

Then, I decided that yes, just fishing is fun, but even better to make it into a game!  I took an old hourglass timer from a game, placed all of the fish in random spots in the living room and hall, and had The Girlio try to collect them one at a time, deposit them in a bowl on the couch, and then continue retrieving all of them before the timer ran out.  I think it would have been fun to decorate the rod as well, but The Girlio just wanted to leave it the way it was.

There you have it!  Hope you enjoyed, and if you need (and trust me, you do!) an invitation to Pinterest, just let me know.

Oh, and for posterity’s sake, I currently have 2,652 pins.  Yes, I am having that much fun!  🙂

The Paper Variety Halloween Project Challenge

26 Oct

This week’s challenge at The Paper Variety is:

Our sponsor this week is:

And, they are giving away this incredible prize:

Holy moly-what a prize!  Think I am going to have to try to make time to play along this week!

Visit The Paper Variety here for all the details, and to upload your Halloween project for a chance to win.  Have fun crafting!!!

Monday Cards-Silhouette Birthday Cards

24 Oct

This project was pretty simple.  I used the Birthday Cutout Card Silhouette shape, and made a birthday card for my brother-in-law.  He is a pretty simple guy, and tends to like the simple cards I make better, so I just stuck with cardstock, and added some white pen detail.  I created the numbers myself (it comes with the number 7 only), and here is what I came up with:

The Girlio liked it so much she insisted on making one to send to grandma for her birthday.  As pink and purple are The Girlio’s favorite colors, that is what it had to be:

I am pretty impressed with her growing writing skills!  🙂

Anyway, those are the cards for today!

Kid’s Craft Week #28-Holiday Paper Chain and More

21 Oct

So, this week we definitely used my Silhouette in our crafting projects!  As my daughter has said, “I love your Silhouette!  It is my favorite thing ever.”  Mine too honey, mine too.  🙂

First, I was talking to my dad, and he mentioned when he was little his mom would have him make a paper chain every year, and he could snip off one ring each day until Christmas arrived.  As we have never done that here, I decided it was high time that we made one too!  🙂

Of course, we couldn’t just have a PLAIN paper chain, now could we?  So, with the help of my Silhouette, a Martha Stewart glue pen, some Season’s Greetings paper and a Silhouette doily border (both by Lori Whitlock), we got to crafting.

Supplies: Paper: Echo Park, and typing paper; Silhouette shape: Lori Whitlock; Adhesives: Glue Dots, Glue Pen by Martha Stewart; Font for numbers: Arial Rounded MT Bold

This took quite a bit of time to make, but I LOVE how it turned out!  This was definitely a joint effort with The Girlio and I.  I cut the circles, borders, and numbers with the Silhouette (she pressed the cut button and the release button, and helped pull cut pieces from the mats), and thanks to the glue pen, she was able to glue the circles together, and glue on the numbers.  I also used this as a teaching moment as I piled all the numbers together, and she had to pick out the correct ones and glue them down.  Nothing like throwing in a learning experience with a craft, right?  🙂

You may wonder two things about this craft:
First, why are you already making this?  Well, in our family, we celebrate Christmas the day after Thanksgiving.  It is a fantastic way to do it, because everyone is already together (from across the country), and we can all do whatever we want for our own Christmases later.  So, our first Christmas is rapidly approaching!

Second, why does your chain have 36 days?  I was thinking of making less, but The Girlio was having so much fun, we ended up making enough days so that we could start cutting a chain off a day right now! So, there you have it people-it is only 35 days until Thanksgiving (and Christmas!)  🙂

We also completed the treat bag owls my hubby requested for his co-workers:

And, the very special request for pink, purple, and blue owls for The Girlio.  I didn’t have purple, so we made two pink:

So, there you go-how is that for a fun crafty day!!!  🙂

The Girlio’s Birthday

20 Oct

My girl turned five years old on Sunday.  Yikes! So, I thought I would share a few crafty things I made for her party.

She had a Tangled theme party, so first I made some super simple paper chains to hang above the doorways.  They reminded me of Rapunzel’s long hair, so I thought they were fitting.  Here are two of the doorways.  Oh, and enjoy the pictures, because after the party they were cut up into tiny pieces by The Girlio.  Well, I DID tell her she could have them after the party was over.  Had no idea she would destroy them so thoroughly though.  🙂

Next, I made some little goodie bags for the adults to take home (the kiddos got Tangled birthday bags full of little toys, but I thought it would be fun to make something for everyone else.)  I used my Silhouette to create these:

The Girlio helped put them together-including glueing the eyes herself!  I filled them with candy corn, and punched a circle out of white cardstock and stamped a Maya Road sentiment on it for the back.

These were very popular, and now the hubby wants me to make some to take to his work (he is going to sneak them on to all of his co-workers’ desks.)  And, The Girlio has requested them in pink, purple, and blue for her to keep.  Guess I will be making a few more!  🙂

Finally, I had been seeing online how popular photo booths have become at weddings and parties.  I decided to make our own version of a photo booth.  I gathered some hats, bought a pair of silly glasses and a clown nose, and cut out several Lori Whitlock mustache designs with my Silhouette and attached them to popsicle sticks.  I put all these items and an ipad cued up with the Photo Booth application, and let everyone dress up and take pictures of themselves.  It was SO fun.  I don’t have the pictures off the ipad yet, but here are a few I/my daughter took before and after the party with my regular camera:

The ones on the ipad are even BETTER, so I can’t wait to get those uploaded.  In the meantime though, it was a very fun activity, and I am sure we will still be playing with the props for some time to come.  In fact, I completely plan on breaking everything back out around the holidays when my family comes to visit.  🙂

So, there you go.  I didn’t want to take away from her theme, and I think these few items just added to the fun.  Hope you enjoyed looking at my projects!