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Wednesday Words

30 Apr

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Work Space Challenge Part 3

29 Apr

So, my goal was to have my scrapbook room all unpacked and ready to go by National Scrapbooking Day.  I thought that was reasonable-1 1/2 months after we moved in.  Well, not so much.  I just realized this week that NSD is Saturday, and BOY do I have a ways to go!  I have already conceded it will not be completed, but I do have another section that I want to share with you today that I finished a couple of weeks ago.

I knew that I wanted to put in a crafting station for my daughter on the right-hand wall, so I started with that next.

Here is where I left off on this wall:

View From Entrance:
View of the wall:
So inspiring, right?  🙂

Anyway, I have been cannibalizing furniture and fixtures that were previously used in other capacities from our old house, and slowly incorporating them into the craft room.  Right now I am more focussed on having a place for everything rather than making it look pretty.  I am sure I will move stuff around more later, or maybe buy some pretty containers, but for now, this is what I am going to use.  Heck, I already have the stuff, so I might as well not spend money, right?  Or, at least use that money to buy more crafty supplies.  🙂

New view of the entrance:
New view of the wall:

I found a small white folding table for The Girlio’s desk, and emptied out one of my plastic drawer units to store her crafting supplies.  She has a lot because I have won TONS of kid crafting supplies in online contests, plus I have given her some of my stuff, so she definitely has enough to play with.  On her desk, she has a box of crayons, and a box of markers nesting inside-making it easy for her to set everything out and color.  There is also a box of coloring books, construction paper, and activity books behind that.  She has her own tape dispenser, and a small blue container for trash.  In the plastic drawers she has drawers for the following: glues and tapes, stickers, stamps, beads, foam sheets/foam stickers, pipe cleaners/googly eyes/pom poms, and the bottom drawer is paints and brushes.  On top, she has a few misc. projects, as well as a box of empty toilet paper/paper towel rolls.  Underneath the desk I have stored her Girl Scout stuff and some extra long paper (another thing I got for free) I often use for Girl Scout crafts.  I am an assistant troop leader, and having all these free craft products sure has been an awesome bonus-I use them ALL the time for projects for the girls.  There is also one more box under the table I have yet to unpack.  To the left of the drawer unit, I have a couple larger projects we haven’t done, as well as some bags containing projects that have been already started.  It looks a little messy, but The Girlio has been using it for a few weeks now, and it works great, and that is ALL that matters!  🙂

Another very large task-completed!  I am happy to say that The Girlio did help with this quite a bit, so that was nice too!

The NEXT area I tackled was to the left of her crafting station.  I put in a bookcase, and loaded it up.  Again, I will rearrange later I am sure, but at least this stuff is no longer on the floor.
And that, is PLENTY to share for one post!  Next up, the last thing I want to accomplish before the weekend-my table.  Here’s a preview:atable1
Oh. My. Lord.

Pinterest Thursday-Girl Scout Projects

24 Apr

After last week’s post, I realized I frequently pull things from Pinterest for my Girl Scouts to do (like the fireflies I showed last week.)

So, I thought I would post some more of the recent projects we have done:

For a unit on fish we made:
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Ours ended up a lot cuter than these though-we used fun foam (with sticker backing) for the water, seaweed, and the fish, and of course, added colored googly eyes to our fish.  Not sure where my sample is, so I can’t show you a picture of ours.  You get the idea though. 🙂

For Valentine’s Day we colored these:


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And made these:
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The Girlio and I had actually made something similar to these at a make-and-take at Michaels, so I already had the idea in my head, but since I don’t have a picture of my sample here, I thought I would show you some I found on Pinterest.  We didn’t punch a hole for the eye-just glued it on top of the card, and for a little texture I cut red hearts out with my Sizzix using some wide felt Christmas ribbon that they adhered with glue dots, and then they just wrote the letter U on the card.

So there you have it-some projects we have done!  I will share some more next week!

Wednesday Words

23 Apr

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Pinterest Thursday-Fireflies

17 Apr

Here’s another Pinterest project I did that I had yet to post about!  This one I have had on my list since I pretty much started on Pinterest, so it was high time to get to it!

I actually made these with my Girl Scouts, and they turned out super cute.  Here is my sample one:

You will have to excuse it’s condition as it has been much loved and played with by The Boy.  🙂  Isn’t it cute, though?  🙂

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We changed them up a bit-used colored googly eyes (way cuter!), added Sharpie eyelashes, and patterned duct tape wings (again, way cuter!) but otherwise, stuck to the original design.  What a fun idea.  I will admit that I added some extra work for myself on these though.  They said to just use a push pin to make the holes for the pipe cleaners, but I had such a hard time getting them through myself, that I knew my Daisy girls would have issues too.  SO, I used the pushpin to create a pilot hole, and then actually used a cordless screwdriver and drilled the holes.  Took a really long time to do (six for each egg!) but made it so much easier for the girls to do.  So, it was worth it.

Definitely a fun project, and someone was very creative to think this one up-another reason why I love Pinterest so much!

Wednesday Words

16 Apr

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Another Lunch Tag

15 Apr

Before I go into my project today, do you remember that lovely card I posted yesterday?  Here is what it looks like today:
How did this happen, you ask?  The Boy chewed on the twine until it came off.  Seriously.  Can you just see a boy wandering around chewing on twine with a card dangling from it?  Good grief.  I suppose that will teach me to leave a card out overnight.  Sigh.

ANYWAY, I made another project based off the picture challenge at Paper Smooches:

Here is the picture:
And, here is my lunch tag:


Supplies: Stamps: Paper Smooches (Swanky Snowdudes, Spring Fling); Mists: Studio Calico (Sherbet, Bluegrass, Overdue, Pony, Estate Green, and Leaf Green); Other: Project Life card, Wink of Stella pen

I again painted in all my stamped images with Studio Calico mists, and then added shine to all the flowers and “paint” with my Wink of Stella pen.  Love that thing!  🙂  For my sentiment, I stamped it once, and then stamped it again using just the first two words and wrote the word loved.  It isn’t my normal colors for The Girlio’s tags (i.e. pink and purple), but I did add the glitter, so she liked it.  🙂

I was inspired by the picture because to me the picture looks like lines across, so I kind of did that with the tag.  I also used the yellow, red, and green from the picture.  So, there you have it, and remember not to leave your projects laying around where 4 yr. old boys can get them.  🙂