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Kid’s Craft #134-Rainbow Perlers

26 Jun

Today’s perler projects have some serious color.

She MIGHT have a thing for rainbows.  🙂



Pinterest Thursday

25 Jun

I thought I would share a few more of the Language Arts worksheets we used for review during the year today…….


pin found here

pin found here

Silent E:

pin found here

The first came originally from Teachers Pay Teachers, and the rest from those sites!

Wednesday Words

24 Jun

pin found here

Kid’s Craft #133-A Card And A Necklace

19 Jun

A birthday card and perler necklace gift:

Pinterest Thursday-Printable Lunch Notes

18 Jun

It may seem a little early to be thinking about school lunch notes, but with The Boy heading off to kindergarten in the fall, I am determined to get a faster start on making some for him.  When The Girlio started kindergarten, I made several lunch notes, but because I started so late in the summer, I only managed to make 20 or so.  Once the school year started, I never got back to it.  And, I found that the ones I DID make, got ruined/dirty, etc. from being used in a kid’s lunch box.  This time around, I decided to make some changes.

First,  I decided to make some of my own, and then also print some of the ones I found via Pinterest.  I also decided to laminate them so they will hold up better over time.  I am going to shoot for closer to 50 lunch tags so there will be a new surprise in his lunch on a regular basis.  By the time they all get used, he probably won’t even remember when I use them again.  🙂

Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing the ones I have created myself, but for today, I thought I would share some that I have printed.

pin found here
*please note-the Captain Hook is blurry, and it’s is spelled incorrectly on one, but I still thought these were worth printing because Jake is The Boy’s favorite-I just won’t use those two.  🙂

Colorful Phrases:

pin found here

Kindergarten Silly Notes:
pin found here-I will write cute little notes on these before I laminate them.

Look for a post on Tuesday that includes some of the handmade ones I have made so far!


Wednesday Words

17 Jun

pin found here

New Classroom Decorations

16 Jun

One of the books I read before we started homeschooling last year mentioned how you can set up a homeschooling “space”, but it might not be where you actually end up doing school.  I really took this to heart, and I am glad I didn’t set up anything specific, as most of our projects take place at the dining room table anyway.

Now that I know that, I decided this year to do some of our classroom decorating in our dining area.  First up, was this awesome Dr. Seuss die cut set I found at Jo-Anns.  The Girlio LOVES Dr. Seuss, so this was the perfect thing for our wall above the computer.  I have a few of the other die cuts spread around the room as well.

For the far wall, I knew I wanted to put up a map.  I found a two piece removable decal at Jo-Anns, and added that first.

The Girlio is SERIOUSLY into outer space right now, so when Teachers Pay Teachers had their latest sale, I invested in this space pack.  I printed and laminated the planet fact sheets, along with the phases of the moon, and put those up on the wall as well.  And there you have it-instant classroom!  🙂
(This was hard to get all in one picture, but you get the idea!)