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Pinterest Thursday-Doodling Part 2

30 Jul

As promised last week, here is another of the doodle pages I colored in with Sharpies:
coloring page pin found here

I love how this one turned out, and it was a ton of fun to color!

Hope this inspires you to give coloring doodles a try-I am sure enjoying it!  🙂

Wednesday Words

29 Jul

pin found here

Pinterest Thursday-Doodling Part 1

23 Jul

Ever since I colored in some images for my Halloween Project Life cards last fall, I have been loving the idea of doodling.

I asked for this book for Christmas:
found on Amazon here

Once I had it however, I was a little intimidated to start it.

I signed up for this free Skillshare class.

I didn’t follow through and finish it.


So, I opted to make it even easier on myself.  I would start by coloring other people’s doodles.  🙂

I started with this one from Pinterest.

I used colored pencils.  It was taking FOREVER.  I didn’t finish.

Not making this easy on myself, am I?  🙂

I did some research.  I realized I didn’t like coloring with colored pencils.  I wanted a smoother finish, and colored pencils have to really be added in layers to get the effect I was looking for.  Hence, the taking too long part.

I started looking at what other people were using.  Sharpies!  That looked better, but I only had a black one.  Then, low and behold the back-to-school supply sales started.  Sharpie markers for twenty-five cents.  That’s right-TWENTY FIVE CENTS!  Cheap enough for me!  So, I bought four new colors.

And I got results like this (keep in mind, I started this one with colored pencils):
pin found here

And now, I am happily coloring doodles.

Well I was, until I did too much and my wrist started to hurt.  🙂

Next week, I will show you one I finished that is colored entirely with Sharpies.  After I bought four more colors, of course.

Wednesday Words

22 Jul

pin found here

Kid’s Craft #136-More Perler Princesses

17 Jul

Here are the rest of the perler princesses The Girlio made (I posted the first six last week):
Aren’t they cute?  🙂