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Wednesday Words

30 Jan


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Wednesday Words

23 Jan


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Kid’s Craft Week #66-Christmas Thank Yous

11 Jan

Last week we worked on our Christmas thank you cards and got them in the mail.  I asked The Girlio what kind she wanted to make, and she was actually quite specific!  She told me what she wanted, I gathered the supplies, and here is what she made:


I just pulled from my card stash for mine, so I didn’t make any new cards.  But, now my supply is running a little low-think I will have to put making thank you cards on my to do list!

Pinterest Thursday

10 Jan

Here is a new recipe I tried last week from Pinterest:


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These were pretty simple to make, and quite tasty-I will definitely be making them again!  Hubby says they would be great at a Super Bowl party.  I hear a request coming!  🙂

Wednesday Words

9 Jan


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