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Wednesday Words

25 Jan

pin found here

Girl Scout Valentines

24 Jan

Ahhh…it’s approaching Girl Scout cookie time………smell the Thin Mints in the air……..


The point of this drooling session, is that this year I am a Girl Scout leader, and I volunteered to do something with the girls while their parents heard all the rules for selling cookies this year.

And, I thought it might be fun to make some cards.  Big surprise, right?

The girls made Valentine’s Day cards to give away to family and friends, as well as some for a local fire station.

I found some hearts I had already punched and stamped with Valentine sayings in my stash, and stamped and die cut some additional images for them to use.  I know you will be shocked to see some yetis in the mix, right?  🙂

Here’s a shot of some of the fun things I had ready for them to color and assemble:
IMG_3275.JPG     IMG_3279.JPG     IMG_3281.JPG     IMG_3283.JPG
And I managed to snap a few quick shots of some of the cards going to the fire station:
Pretty cute, right?

Much thanks to The Girlio who manned the die cutting machine for quite a while to help make all the die cuts.  She loves that thing.  And I love her help!  🙂

Kid Crafts-#148

20 Jan

I wanted to do a craft the other day, so we busted out the supplies and I had them paint snowmen with our paint sticks.  One thing led to another, and they decided to do the different seasons as well.  We had tons of fun, and here are the results!
The Girlio:
IMG_3273.JPG     IMG_3271.JPG

IMG_3269.JPG     IMG_3268.JPG
The Boy:
IMG_3257.JPG          IMG_3259.JPGIMG_3255.JPG
The Little Guy:
IMG_3263.JPG   IMG_3265.JPG
Aren’t these cool?  I just love to see each of their own interpretations of the seasons.  🙂

Wednesday Words

18 Jan

pin found here

Pinterest Thursday-Oven Fruit Roll-Ups

12 Jan

I tried a recipe I have been eyeing for quite some time-making fruit roll-ups on a Silpat in the oven.  I had been very curious about these ever since my dehydrator bit the dust, and since I had a Silpat, I thought-why not give them a try?
You just need one ingredient to make  applesauce fruit roll-ups -- and I bet you can guess what it is! This is seriously the easiest snack ever to make, and my kiddos gobble these up! Perfect for school lunches, you can make a big batch and store in an airtight container until you need them. Applesauce Fruit Roll-Ups Here's what you need to make applesauce fruit roll-ups: Applesauce Parchment paper Silpat (optional, but makes it *so* much easier) Baking sheets Twine Place the silpat on your ...
pin found here (picture is not mine, but is from the pin)
Verdict: I have to say, they didn’t quite turn out as well as I would have liked.  I am not sure if I should have let them bake a while longer, or what?  I left them in the oven for eight hours, so that is quite a while, and still only about half the pan was hardened up enough to use.  I do think I am going to try this again and maybe use less applesauce, or turn the temp up just a bit because they are easy, and I like how the good half turned out.  And, because these are so much better for you than the store-bought kind filled with preservatives, etc.
I did add some cinnamon to my unsweetened applesauce, but otherwise I followed the recipe.  There are several more pins I found with different flavors, so if I can get these to turn out right, I will have to try some of those too!
If you have tried these, let me know how they turned out-I would love to know!