Pinterest Thursday-GF/DF Oatmeal Cookies

29 Sep

It’s been pretty quiet here on the blog lately…….for a reason. My 15-year-old Mac finally bit the dust. It’s very sad.

That has meant no new posts here except for a few I had pre-scheduled.

But I finally have a new computer up and running, so back to blogging!

For today’s Pinterest Thursday, I wanted to find a recipe that used oats. I have several pounds in my pantry, and I want to get better at using them (especially since 25 more pounds are on their way!)

So, I decided to make some cookies. These are gluten-free/dairy-free (I used Nestle Allergy-Free chocolate chips.)

pin and picture found here

These turned out pretty good! Everyone liked them (especially The Boy), and they froze really well too.

This is definitely something I will make more of in the future, as it’s really nice to be able to just pull some cookies out of the freezer-and use up some of those oats!

Well, that’s it for today-have a great one!

p.s. It’s amazing how much faster computers are these days! 🙂

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