Pinterest Thursday-Jurassic Birthday Decorations

25 Aug

For something a little different today, I thought I would share some of the birthday decorations I created for The Little Guy’s birthday (he is about to be NINE!)

He decided to have a Jurassic Park-themed birthday this year, so I got on Pinterest, and we created some of our own decorations. You can check out my full idea board here.

We had quite a bit of colored card stock laying around-mostly the colors no one wanted to use. So, we put them to good use!

First, I printed this leaf several times on green card stock:

pin and picture found here

Then, I printed this logo several times onto a yellow/orange card stock:

pin and picture found here

I also printed LOTS of this footprint onto kraft card stock:

pin and picture found here

Then, we had a cutting party and cut everything out. 🙂

The Little Guy made a banner for the wall, and some flowers for the front door:

We really liked this banner:

pin and picture found here

Although I could have made something similar, I decided the time and money weren’t worth it, and I purchased one from Amazon here. I think it was less than $6, and I would have had to purchase a cut file, and white card stock, and it wouldn’t have been this big since I have a Silhouette Portrait. This was definitely the way to go, and I like ours better than the one in the picture anyway.

This guy is right above our TV, and we have footprints leading from the front door in the living room, through the hall and kitchen, the dining room, and then back into the living room so that it looks like the dinosaur walked through the house before sitting right on the top of our TV. 🙂

Here are some of the footprints on the wall:

On the day of his party we will add more of the footprints up our sidewalk and stairs. We will also do chalk footprints up the driveway.

I liked the look of this:

pin and picture found here

I also liked the look of the paper chains in this picture:

pin and picture found here

We had tons of green streamers on hand that we got for free, and we made paper chains out of more of the kraft card stock.

Here is a picture of how we incorporated some of these ideas:

I am really happy with how this wall turned out!

The Girlio even made accessories for The Little Guy out of paper chains. So fun!

I also made employee badges for the kids. Each one got a different job:

pin and picture found here

pin and picture found here

pin and picture found here

What is super fun about this site is that you can upload a picture into the I.D. cards and get an employment letter too!

Now, when I tried to download the document, I just got a bunch of code. I am not sure if it just didn’t work for my computer, or there is something wrong with the site, but I came up with a way around it.

I uploaded my picture (that part works.) I took a screen shot:

Then, I cropped the picture down to only the letter and printed it. I undid the crop, then cropped only the I.D. card, which I printed at 70%.

I wrote in the kids’ names at the top of the letter, and laminated the I.D. cards. I punched holes in the laminate, and added a lanyard and some badge clips we had laying around (one of the badge clips came with a cord, and for the other two I just used some twine from my stash.)

So. Cool.

The adults get these fun tickets to the park:

To fix the date, I just used my label maker to change it:

So, there you go!

I think everything turned out great, and it was nice to use up a bunch of supplies we had just laying around!

And, The Little Guy likes it, which is the best part of all. 🙂


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  1. Leslie August 25, 2022 at 5:43 AM #

    So adorable!

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