Pinterest Thursday-GF/DF Larabars

12 May

One thing that has been on my list to make for oh, about a year and a half, is a copycat Larabar/KIND bar.

They are so expensive in the store, but The Boy loves them, and they are gluten-free/dairy-free, so I wanted to try them at home.

I finally got around to making these, and over the past few weeks I made four different kinds:

Mint Chip Brownie

pin and picture found here

Cookie Dough, Peanut Butter Cookie, and Chocolate

pin and picture found here

I don’t care for dates personally, so I relied heavily on my taste-testers. 🙂

The overall consensus was the mint chip brownie ones were the best, followed by the peanut butter cookie ones.

These were very easy to make (we shaped them into balls instead of bars), and I will definitely continue to make them in the future-especially since they are a pretty healthy snack, and the kids like them.

As far as cost, I did purchase my first batch of dates at Costco for $10.99 for one pound of organic Medjool dates. This was enough dates for all of the recipes I made above. I had most of the other ingredients on hand, but did pick up some nuts at Sprouts to try a few flavors.

I have since discovered Sprouts is actually quite a bit cheaper for the dates, so if you have one in your area, that might be the way to go.

Well, that’s it for now-have a great day!


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