Pinterest Thursday-GF/DF Peppermint Patties

7 Apr

Ever since I found a great dairy-free/gluten-free version of peanut butter cups, I have been wanting to try a peppermint patty as well.

pin and picture found here

These are wonderful. They taste really good, and are easy to make as well. And, I always have these ingredients in the house, so it’s something we can whip up at a moment’s notice.

The only thing that is tricky is that the peppermint patty mixture really needs to stay cold. As soon as it hits the warm chocolate it starts to get gooey and hard to work with. Make sure to keep your mixture in the freezer for a nice long time before coating with chocolate.

These are definitely something I will make again and again, and I am loving having another really good DF/GF candy recipe in the repertoire!

*My Notes: I skipped the coconut oil and candy canes, and used almond milk and Nestle Toll House Allergen Free semi-sweet chocolate chips for my “dairy.”

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