Pinterest Thursday-A GF/DF Birthday Meal

10 Mar

I have been wanting to make my own gluten-free/dairy-free chicken nuggets for a while now. The ones I have been buying in the store are SO expensive, and becoming more difficult to find as well.

So, what better time to try out brand new recipes than for The Boy’s birthday! 🙂

Now typically, we take The Boy to Chick-fil-A for his birthday, as it is one of the few places he can eat out at. But with prices getting quite crazy, I was able to make this meal for our entire family for around the same price as a single meal, which is amazing.

I made a double batch of these chicken nuggets:

pin and picture found here

They tasted pretty good, and everyone in the family enjoyed them.

To make the meal even more like eating out, I also purchased his favorite soda, cooked up some french fries, and made these sauces:

pin and picture found here

pin and picture found here

The sauces weren’t quite the same as the ones from the restaurant, but they were good.

The Boy was partial to the Chick-fil-A sauce, while the rest of us preferred the Honey Roasted BBQ-especially on the fries!

I will definitely be making this meal again, and plan to keep these sauces in the fridge to use for other things as well.

I wouldn’t necessarily recommend trying a bunch of new things for a special occasion, so I have to admit I was relieved when everything turned out well! 🙂

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