Review-I Know It

16 Nov

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through the Homeschool Review Crew.

We recently received a one-year subscription to an online math practice website by I Know It.

I Know It provides interactive math practice for students in K-5th grades.

With over 600 lessons to choose from, parents can create assignments for students that are tailor-made to grade level material, as well as assignments that can be hone in on individual problem areas.

Students can also explore categories on their own.

Parents can easily see their children’s progress from a detailed dashboard, including individualized data, last login, and average scores on lessons that have been completed.

It is easy to create assignments, it is easy to switch from one user to the next, and is overall very user-friendly.

It is also kid-friendly. The font is nice and large, and of course, any time you have a robot break dance when you get an answer right, well, it has to make math a little more fun, right? 🙂

I also really liked that when I added my two boys to the system, I could enter their grade levels, as well as their math ability grade levels. This is nice, because so often you can only input grade level, and that causes some issues for us. I have one child whose math ability is a grade lower than their grade, and another that is a grade higher. This is a great flexible feature for us, and I like that it can be easily updated at any time.

This program is a nice supplement that can be used alongside any math curriculum for additional practice, and I encourage you to check out I Know It and explore all they have to offer.

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