Review-Pitsco Middle School STEM Creator Pack

14 Jul

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

We recently received the Middle School STEM Creator Pack (46204) by Pitsco Education for review. This kit contains five consumable STEM projects intended for grades six through eight, and The Girlio just couldn’t wait to dig in!

This Middle School STEM Creator Pack (46204) contains the following projects: Catapults, Rolling Vehicles, Da Vinci Bridges, Friction Climbers, and My Invention. Each project is self-contained in its own bag, and comes with a manual and everything needed to build that project-even the tape! That’s a big deal for me because I didn’t have to go hunting for any materials. I just handed the box to The Girlio, and let her go to town!

Each manual contains not only the instructions, but also several challenges and activities that build upon each other. As the student works through the challenges, they are encouraged to think creatively as they learn more about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

The first project The Girlio tackled was the catapult. It took her about twenty minutes to put together. I was particularly impressed with how sturdy it turned out-definitely something that can be used over and over.

It also shoots beads very far! They go so far in fact, that we actually had to go outside and shoot the catapult in the street so there would be enough room! That’s pretty cool!

The first activity was to record how far the bead would go depending upon different variables. It ended up being kind of a team sport-The Girlio shot the bead off the catapult, The Boy marked the spot with blue tape, and The Little Guy ran the bead back to her so that she could shoot it again. I watched for cars, and at the end helped her with the measuring tape.

This one activity took at least 1 1/2 hrs. to complete, and there are multiple activities in each manual!

I would say just one kit could EASILY last for a full semester of STEM. It could even be stretched across an entire school year (or a summer.)

Another project The Girlio made was the Rolling Vehicles. She was able to put the car together in about 40 minutes with just a little help (getting the wheels on.) I was very impressed with the car design-especially how well it could roll.

I also loved that at the end of the activities, the student then builds a second car based off of all of the things learned throughout the manual. Such a great idea to bring the project full-circle.

The third project was the Da Vinci bridge. The Girlio definitely had some problems with this one. She tried building it by herself, and also with some help from her uncle, but couldn’t quite get it to work.

This was as far as they got.

Still though, we are very happy overall with the Middle School STEM Creator Pack (46204). The Girlio was able to work through building these three projects, and still has activities to go back and finish within those projects as well. AND, we still have two more projects to go! This kit is definitely going to keep her busy well into the school year, which is fantastic.

If you are looking for STEM activities for your middle schooler, I would definitely suggest checking this kit out. Pitsco Education also has several other STEM kit options available on their website.

And speaking of choosing, how would you like the chance to win a Creator kit of your own? Pitsco Education is giving away a kit! Just go their website here to get registered to win! Good luck! 🙂

Want to learn more about the Middle School STEM Creator Pack (46204) or other products from Pitsco Education? Visit the Homeschool Review Crew blog to read more reviews of many of the different products they offer!

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