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Review-Heroes of History: George Washington

24 Mar

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

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I recently received the book George Washington: True Patriot for review. This book is part of the Heroes of History series produced by YWAM Publishing.

I had the choice of several books from the Heroes of History series (there are twenty-six books available), but chose George Washington as we are currently studying the American Revolution.

We used this softcover biography as a read aloud, and it was the perfect compliment to the books we had already been using this year. Not only is the book well-written and easy to read, but it really described just how vital a role George Washington played in the American Revolution.

I myself learned a ton of things I didn’t know about George Washington. I had no idea how involved he had been in politics before becoming the leader of the Continental Army. I had assumed he was just a military leader picked for the job, and didn’t realize that he was actually involved in some of the policies put into place by the Continental Congress, and that the members of the Congress knew him, and trusted him enough that he was unanimously voted in when it came to picking a military commander.

I was also surprised to learn just how much George Washington sacrificed when it came to his family life and businesses because he realized if he didn’t step forward, things would fall apart. There was more than once where the new country could have collapsed if George Washington had not (albeit reluctantly) stepped in and sacrificed for our country. I found it all to be very fascinating.

The kids also enjoyed the book. Here are some of the things they liked:
The Little Guy: “I liked learning about how they won back the country-that was fun.”
The Girlio: “I liked learning about George Washington as a child, and that he had cousins. I also liked learning about Lafayette.”
The Boy: “I liked the action.”

Another neat feature related to this book is the optional Unit Study Curriculum Guide. It is filled with chapter questions, vocabulary words, craft ideas, and additional activities. We chose to use the book as a read aloud and incorporate it into what we were already doing, but you could very easily use the book and guide AS your history curriculum, which is very cool.

I really liked how much George Washington: True Patriot added to our history this year, and now I am looking forward to incorporating more books from the Heroes of History series into our future studies.

I went through our book stash and discovered that we were gifted Heroes of History’s George Washington Carver a while back, so I am pretty sure that will be on the list for next year. I also wouldn’t mind getting the chance to use the guide that corresponds with the book next time, which could be a lot of fun.

Well, that’s it from me! Want to learn more about the Heroes of History series? Visit the Homeschool Review Crew blog to read more reviews of several of the books from this series, as well as the Christian Heroes series from YWAM Publishing.