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Book Review-Dinosaur Coloring Book

22 Mar

The Dinosaur Coloring Book was produced by The Northern Star Printing Co.

It is a coloring book for kids ages 4 and up, and contains more than 30 dinosaur coloring pages, along with additional pages containing interesting details about each dinosaur.

My Thoughts: I have a dinosaur-loving boy in my household, so I knew he would be excited to have this coloring book. He has already colored several pages, and when I asked him what he liked, he said:
“I like all the dinosaurs, and I like when they come to life when I color.”
So, he definitely is enjoying it.

For me, I have mixed feelings. I like that he is enjoying it. I like how the name of the dinosaur is listed on each coloring page, because when the coloring page gets separated from the fact sheet, I can still answer him when he asks which dinosaur it is. Very handy.

I also really like that the name of the dinosaur is broken out into syllables on the fact page-giving the parent (me) somewhat of a chance of pronouncing it properly.

What I did not like, is that the “facts” were more like guesses in some cases, and the grammar is a bit poor in places. This book definitely foists a belief that the world is millions of years old, which is also not fact.

However, as most kids are just going to want to color in this book, I say skip the “facts” and just enjoy the coloring!

I would like to thank The Northern Star Printing Co. for providing me with a free digital copy of this coloring book in exchange for my review. Thank you.