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February Books

3 Mar

It’s the first Tuesday in March (how fast time is flying), so it is time to share the books I read in February.

In honor of the year 2020, I decided my goal for this year will be 220 books. I am shooting for reading (or listening to) around 140 books on my own, and reading around 80 books with the kids.

As a side goal, I would like to read at least six books that are in the self-help/educational category, and at least one classic I have never read before.

So, in February I read 22 books (including one that was self-help) for just under 4,000 pages. Yay!

Here is what I read/listened to:
1. Humphrey’s Mixed-Up Magic Trick Tiny Tales #5 by Betty Birney-this was the last book in this series-they were fun books
2. Woman of Sunlight by Mary Connealy-it was pretty good
3. On the Edge of the Dark Sea of Darkness by Andrew Peterson-this I listened to on Audible. It was interesting, but not sure if I will continue the series.
4. Captain No Beard #1: An Imaginary Tale of a Pirate’s Life by Carole P. Roman-this series is so fun, and The Little Guy loved them. We read (and re-read) several from the series.
5. Captain No Beard #3: Stuck in the Doldrums by Carole P. Roman
6. Captain No Beard #7: Captain No Beard and the Aurora Borealis by Carole P. Roman
7. The Blizzard Bride by Susanne Dietz-not bad
8. School Days According to Humphrey by Betty Birney-this was another of the longer Humphrey books the library didn’t have on audio, so I read it to The Little Guy
9. Lake Season by Denise Hunter-definitely my favorite book of the month!
10. Venturing With God in Congo by Darrell Chaplin-fascinating!
11. Carolina Breeze by Denise Hunter-not bad, but a little disappointing as book one (Lake Season) was so much better.
12. One Little Lie by Colleen Coble-it wasn’t bad
13. Catkwondo by Lisl H. Detlefsen-fun little book
14. The Very Last Leaf by Stef Wade-I liked this one
15. Rhythms of Renewal by Rebecca Lyons-I read this for an online Bible study-it was pretty good
16. Captain No Beard #1: An Imaginary Tale of a Pirate’s Life by Carole P. Roman
17. Captain No Beard #2: Pepper Parrot’s Problem with Patience by Carole P. Roman
18. Captain No Beard #3: Stuck in the Doldrums by Carole P. Roman
19. Captain No Beard #5: The Treasure of Snake Island by Carole P. Roman
20. Captain No Beard #6: The Crew Goes Coconuts! by Carole P. Roman
21. The Major’s Daughter by Regina Jennings-it was good
22. Veiled in Smoke by Jocelyn Green-it was OK

That’s all of the books for February, and I have now read 47 books in 2020.

I got a little burned out reading so much, so I am not sure how many I will get in during March, but I am doing good so far.

I will be back in April with a report of my progress.

Have a great day!