7 Jan

Disclaimer: I received a FREE copy of this product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW in exchange for my honest review. I was not required to write a positive review nor was I compensated in any other way.

I post a lot of reviews on my blog, but today I am featuring something that is pretty amazing.

For the past ten months, I have been helping to produce curriculum behind the scenes for

It has been a ton of fun to see just all the site has to offer-for every age (including parents.)

So, today I thought I would highlight five of my favorites included in their Ultimate PreK-12 Annual Membership.

1. Schoolhouse Recorder Lessons

My nine-year old son really wanted to learn to play the recorder, and I would hear him trying to play his every once in a while. We tried a couple of YouTube videos, and while they were fun, they were just a couple of songs, and nothing cohesive. Then, I found the videos on Schoolhouse They are so comprehensive-starting with what you need to buy and why, how to clean your instrument, how to blow, finger placement, reading music, and playing the notes-perfect for a beginner.

I really like the pacing, and how things are explained. I also like that each lesson is pretty short-perfect for short attention spans. In fact, I didn’t mind playing along with these myself!

2. World Book-this amazing resource is filled to the brim with fun books and activities, and there is something for everyone. Have a kiddo that likes Arabian horses? How about baby hedgehogs? Dinosaurs? Space? There are books for all of these-and tons more. There are also games and activities. Want to learn to count like a Roman? Anyone? 🙂

3. Digging Into Dinosaurs

I watched a fascinating live webinar called Digging Into Dinosaurs and the Truth of the Scripture. SO interesting, and a great resource-especially for older kids and adults that want to be able to know what God has to say about dinosaurs, and what research is showing here on earth. The video is still available for members to watch, and I definitely recommend it.

4. Drive Thru History by Dave Stotts-if you haven’t seen these videos, you are missing out! Dave has a way of describing history that is humorous, educational, and really brings history alive. And bonus-there are included lesson plans!

5. RightNow Media-this is a fun bonus you get with a membership to the site. It is a separate website that contains tons of great Bible studies, kid programming, etc. My husband and I have particularly enjoyed the marriage series by Chip Ingram.

6. OK, I know I said five, but I wanted to mention the magazine too! With your membership you get a free quarterly magazine. It is filled with inspiring homeschool articles you won’t want to miss.

These are just a few of thousands of options you can use in your homeschool on You can literally customize an entire education for PreK-12th grade, or pick and choose individual topics that are just right for your family like we do.

If you are interested in a homeschool site for the whole family, please click here and check it out!

You can also visit the Homeschool Review Crew blog to view more reviews about!

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