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November Books

3 Dec

This year, I am on a mission to read more books!
My goal is 150, and I am a bit behind. I really didn’t read too much in November, but here are the books I did read:
1. More Than Words Can Say by Karen Witemeyer-This was OK. Too much romance for me, and also it was really hard to tell which time period it was written in. It was written like a modern novel, but was set in the old west, which was kind of strange to try to follow.
2. A Bound Heart by Laura Frantz-Super good. Very well-written, interesting, and just really, really good. I highly recommend this one if you like historical fiction.
3. The Broken Ornament by Tony DiTerlizzi-this was a kid Christmas book. It was OK. Nice to read, but I wouldn’t buy it.
4. The Reindeer Wish by Lori Evert-this was another book in the wish series. I read the first last month, and this one was pretty good. I think this series is starting to grow on me. I like the photography especially.
5. The Polar Bear Wish by Lori Evert-another in the wish series. I might end up buying these books after all. They are kind of fun.
6. Friendship According to Humphrey by Betty G. Birney-this is book two in the series. My youngest is totally into these books, and the library didn’t have this one on CD, so I read it aloud to him. I can see why he likes them-it’s a cute series.
7. Phoebe the Spy by Judith Berry Griffin-this was a read aloud with the kiddos for history. It was really good-totally worth the read-especially if you are studying the American Revolution. Very good.
And, yep-that’s it! Scary low amount of books, but I am going to blame a week of jury duty, making Christmas cards, and lots of family over for Thanksgiving. Works for me! 🙂
So that’s all the books for November, and now I have read 133 books for the year so far. Not sure if I will make my goal-the end of the year is approaching fast-but I have read a few already this month, so we will see!
Stay tuned for one final book post for this year at the end of December!