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The Multiplying Mysteries of Mount Ten

13 Jul

The Multiplying Mysteries of Mount Ten was written by Krista Van Dolzer. This book is a middle grade fictional novel set in modern times.
Summary: Twelve year old Esther can’t wait to attend art camp at Mount Veneer. She’s been dreaming about it for months. But a freak storm, and windy mountain roads lead to an unexpected detour, and instead, Esther ends up at math camp.
Soon Esther finds herself deep in a math mystery she is determined to solve. Will she be able to figure it out, and will she ever make it to art camp?
My Thoughts: I think that a middle school reader might enjoy this book. There is a very interesting premise, and I think a younger reader would enjoy trying to solve the mystery along with Esther.
However, I do not believe this book is one someone older would completely enjoy, and here is why-this book leaves many unanswered questions that never get explained or resolved. As an adult, that makes it difficult to say I enjoyed reading it, because I was left wondering what actually happened in several parts of the book (I don’t want to go into too much detail on the loose ends here, as it would ruin the story if you chose to read it.)
So, I would say if the middle schooler is one who just enjoys surface reads and likes helping solve a mystery, they are going to probably enjoy this read. If the reader is one who really likes to dig into a story, and wants all the loose ends tied up at the end of the story, they might find themselves a bit frustrated with this book.
Also, I have to say I found Esther to be quite rude and self-centered. I actually began feeling sorry for the other characters in the book, because she was always treating them so poorly.
It is kind of a shame too, because I could really see the potential with the creative theme to this story line, but it just came up short for me.
I would like to thank Bloomsbury Children’s Books for providing me with a digital copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. Thank you.