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The Inn at Hidden Run

9 Jun

The Inn at Hidden Run was written by Olivia Newport. This book is a modern fictional novel, and is book one in The Tree of Life series.
Summary: When Meri flunks out of med school, she knows her family will be disappointed. Not wanting to face the drama, she flees to Canyon Mines-a small town in Colorado that holds some of her few fond memories from childhood.
Will her newfound friends be able to convince her not to keep running? And is it possible that something in her family history might help Meri forge a tenuous bond with her family after all?
My Thoughts: This book was OK. It was definitely a fast read. I liked some of the themes in the book-learning to face your problems, learning it is OK to follow your own path, etc. I also liked the small town characters and their unique quirks. I felt I really got the full picture of the town, and enjoyed the bonds between the townspeople and their desires to help others. I also liked the flashbacks to the past, and the history that was shared.
It kind of felt like there just was not enough to the story somehow for me though. I think it was because I actually found the flashbacks and the history more interesting than the modern-day story they were supposed to be supporting. I would have probably enjoyed a novel that had just been written about the history more.
Overall though, the book was well-written, and had interesting characters, but I do not know that I am interested enough to continue reading the series.
I would like to thank Barbour Publishing, Inc. for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for my unbiased review. Thank you.