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Pinterest Thursday-Nail Polish Mugs Pt. 2

31 Aug

Last week I shared some nail polish-decorated mugs we made using this pin.  Since we ended up getting some nail polish on the lips and insides of the mugs, they became pencil cups.  🙂
After learning our lesson, we made another set for drinking, and here is how those turned out:
The Girlio:
The Boy:
The Little Guy:
We did make these outside, which was a lot less mess.  I forgot plastic gloves again though, and had messy hands for a while.  Oh well.
We got a different style of mug this time, but otherwise the project was pretty much the same as last time-except now we can use these for drinking.
This was definitely a fun and easy project, and especially if you have lots of nail polish colors, I would say give it a try!