Pinterest Thursday-Nail Polish Mugs Pt.1

24 Aug

I thought it would be fun to decorate some special mugs that we can use during our homeschool time.  When we try a new treat recipe, or when we have read aloud time, how much fun would it be to have hot chocolate or lemonade in a fun mug to make it more special?  That was my thought anyway!  🙂
So, I decided we were going to use this pin to decorate our mugs using nail polish.  I picked up a dishwashing tub and some mugs from the dollar store, and we already had tons of nail polish, so it was a relatively inexpensive project.
The Boy’s:
The Girlio’s:
A few thoughts on these:
First, I let the kids dip their mugs in the liquid, and they put the whole mug down in sideways to get patterns all the way around.  This is fine for decoration, but I didn’t want them putting their lips on nail polish when they used them.  So, these mugs ended up being pencil cups.
Second, the directions do state to do this quickly or you could get a film stuck to your mugs.  No matter how fast we went, we still had this problem.  I was able to remove some of it, but the kids liked the way it looked, so I did leave a lot of it on the mugs.  I am not sure what we could have done differently to keep this from happening.
Lastly, this is best done outside (which we did do the second time we made these), and with plastic gloves-it took quite a while to get all the nail polish off my hands!
Otherwise, this was a pretty easy project, and the kids sure loved the results!  Next Thursday, I will share the SECOND set of mugs we did that we are going to use for our special drinking cups!  🙂

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