Card Monday-Crafty Stash 2 Part 6

21 Aug

Today I am sharing three tags in my crafty stash series using these Studio Calico journaling cards:
These tags are going on The Hubby’s birthday presents.  He has six gifts (it’s a VERY special birthday), so I thought I would make a tag for each.  I am going to share the first three tags today, and the next two tags and a card tomorrow.
For each tag I used a journaling card, and then wrote/stamped something silly on the front and back.
Tag #1:
IMG_4011.JPG     IMG_4013.JPG
Tag #2:
IMG_4015.JPG     IMG_4017.JPG
Tag #3:
IMG_4019.JPG     IMG_4022.JPG
Supplies: Patterned Paper, Journaling Cards, Sticker: Studio Calico; Stamps: Lawn Fawn
We joke a lot about how much older he is than me, so rest assured-he will find these funny.  🙂
That’s it for today-I will share the last three projects tomorrow.
Until then, have a great day!

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