Pinterest Thursday-Pumpkin Bars

17 Aug

I have been wanting to try some new Pinterest recipes lately, so last Friday I picked several different ones, and then purchased a bunch of ingredients to make them.
Over the weekend, The Girlio and The Hubby decided to try a recipe, and with me calling out the ingredients and instructions, they whipped up these pumpkin bars in no time:
For as long as I can remember, this recipe has been a family favorite during the fall months. In fact, we like them so much that these delicately flavored sweet-but-not-too-rich bars have been a welcome addition to our Thanksgiving (and Christmas) dessert table on more than one occasion!
(picture belongs to pin, and is not mine)
pin found here
Verdict:  I thought these were just OK.  The cream cheese frosting was great, but I felt like the bars were missing something, or maybe just not enough pumpkin flavor?  I may be just too picky, as everyone else really liked them.
Anyway, always fun to try something new-and even better that I wasn’t the one to make them or clean up!
There are several more to try, so we will see if we can hit on one that is just too delicious to resist!  🙂

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