Homeschool Math

5 Aug

Today, I thought I would share some of the things we will be using for Homeschool Math during the 2017-2018 school year.

For Second Grade:
For this grade, I really pull from a multiple of sources.  We will be using some worksheets from this Scholastic book:

I purchased this book from Costco, and amazingly, it was the same $7.49 as when I bought it a few years back for The Girlio.  We won’t do this entire book, and often times I will cross out problems and re-write or skip them (they have a knack for confusing wording in their instructions), but you can’t beat the price for this huge book.  And, it is so much nicer to have color on worksheets instead of the black and white I usually print at home.
I also pull games and worksheets from Pinterest and, and we will use some worksheets he has left over from his first grade books too.  I know which topics I need to cover for second grade, so it is nice to just have a variety of resources, and pull from them as needed.

For Fifth Grade:
The Girlio will be continuing to use the workbooks from Math Mammoth.  I really like these-they are so great for building one concept on to another until you master the subject.  And, there is usually a 40% off sale in the spring that I take advantage of-making these books just a few dollars apiece.
We will be mainly working on decimals, fractions, and doing some place value together on the white board this year.
We will also be pulling activities from the following two workbooks:
Math Basics:
Product Details
found on Amazon here

Math Word Problems:
The Smart Alec Series: Math Word Problems Grade 5   -
CBD link found here

For Both:
Both kiddos will be also be using Khan Academy-which is great for extra practice.  And, we are still able to get ST Math for free, which is another way to review-but more like a video game.  The kids like it, and it is basically more review, so I don’t mind a bit.  I wouldn’t pay the $125.00 price tag per student, but since we are blessed to have free access through the public school system, we will take it!

As always, I will be incorporating other things from Teachers Pay Teachers, etc. as we go along, and I will share those as we get into them, but these are the basic things we are going to use this year.

So, there you have it-Math!

I have been very happy with everything I have picked for Math over the past few years, so let me know if you have any questions about the resources we use!

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