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Pinterest Thursday-2017-2018 Homeschool Spelling, Sight Words and Poetry

3 Aug

Today I thought I would share what we will be doing for Spelling, Sight Words and Poetry for the 2017-2018 school year.

For Second Grade:
During the summer, I tested The Boy on spelling words using the Fry Word Lists.  He had done the words up through 125 in public school, so I started there, and tested him all the way up through 450.  This gave me enough words for about twenty weeks; ten words per week.  I added on an additional three weeks of words I wanted to cover-numbers, colors, etc.  I wrote out spelling lists, and copied the word lists into Spelling City for additional practice.
For sight words, we started testing with the 200 list, and my goal was to get through 350 for the year.  BUT The Boy knew way more words than I thought, and that didn’t give us nearly enough words to practice for the year.  So, I told him to set his own goal for the year.  He chose 500 words.  I tested him on words up through the 500 list, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we go even beyond that for the year, so good for him!
The way we practice sight words is more like a game.  I write the words on index cards (in blue, because that’s his favorite!)  We go through a stack of about twenty words in one sitting.  We go over each word until he is familiar with it.  Once he is ready, we start the game.  I flip through each card, and if he gets it right, I put a little blue dot on the back of the index card.  Once he has three blue dots, he gets the card.  The next day, we go over the cards one more time (just to make sure he has them correct) and then he gets to keep the cards.  He LOVES little bits of paper, cards, etc., so this is really fun for him, and a great way to practice his sight words.
In fact, I think The Girlio might be a little jealous, because she asked me to create something like that for her!  She can already read all of the Fry Word Lists, so maybe I will have to come up with some tougher words for her.  🙂

For Fifth Grade:
For The Girlio, I tested her on the 500-700 lists, and came up with seven weeks of words-with an average of 10-12 words per week.  I wrote out all of her spelling lists, and she will begin the year working on these.  For the rest of the year, she will be working to complete the spelling book we started last year.
Each kiddo has a few free weeks at the end of the year, and I plan on creating new spelling lists containing any words that they missed on their tests throughout the year.

So, after all the testing, I put together folders for each of the kids.  Their folders contain that week’s spelling list, along with several printables they can use for practicing their words:
Spelling homework can be tedious but we have spiced it up with 54 different ways to practice spelling! This is a free download to use with any list of words so get your copies ready and you'll be set for the whole year.
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I love these free spelling tic-tac-toe sheets.  The kids pick which three activities they would like to do during the week, and work to create tic-tac-toe.  I have several different ones in each folder.

Spelling Word Search Puzzle ~ Made by Your Child! {FREE Printable included] | This Reading Mama
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Kids make word searches with their spelling words, and then the parent has to solve it.  Very fun.  I printed several of these for each folder as well.

Spelling Battleship
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I printed and laminated one of these for each folder so that the sheets can be used over and over again.

FREE Spelling Homework Ideas
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More fun ideas for practicing their words!

These printables, along with Spelling City for The Boy, will give them lots of different ways to practice their words without getting bored.  I have previously purchased a Spelling City membership, which does give you access to more games, but I didn’t really feel like it was worth it because The Girlio wasn’t retaining the information and thought it was boring, so we are just going to use the free games this year for The Boy.  He seems to like it more (probably because it is like playing video games) and doesn’t seem to mind the limited game selection.

Finally, I have included copies of the poems we will be working to memorize this year.  We are using the Poetry Curriculum from The Institute for Excellence in Writing.  The book contains three years of poems to memorize, with each year containing twenty poems.
Because we do have a Preschooler and a Second Grader, I decided we would memorize only ten this year and spread things out a bit.  I printed off copies of those poems, and included them into their spelling folders.  We have already memorized one this summer, so we are off to a great start!

In my folder, I have all of the spelling word lists that are not currently being used (with a week number and name at the top of each list) as well as all the copies from The Girlio’s spelling book.
Here is a spelling list example:
I also have a copy of Spelling Battleship laminated (so that I can play too!) and blank spelling tests and additional blank spelling word list sheets printed and ready to go.

I will freely admit this took me a few days of work to complete, but it was well worth it because I was basically able to prep the entire school year, and that will save me a lot of time later.
An extra bonus has been that since everything was already prepped and ready to go, The Boy has been working ahead and is already on week three.

Whew!  So there you go-Spelling, Sight Words and Poetry-all ready for the school year.

I will be posting more of our curriculum choices and ideas in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!