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Pinterest Thursday-Lightsabers

20 Jul

I saw this pin on Pinterest to make lightsabers out of a pool noodle, and knew I had to try it.  I bought the noodle almost two years ago, and FINALLY got around to trying it!
Here’s how they turned out:
These turned out super fun, but I do have a caution for you.  The sharpie I used did NOT stay on the duct tape at all.  After just a little bit of play, it wore right off.  So, I had to add the designs again, and THIS time I added clear packing tape over the designs to keep them in place (the picture above is after my second attempt.)  That worked out great, and the boys really liked these!
If you are looking for a cheap and easy craft for your Star Wars-loving kiddos, this one definitely fits the bill.  🙂