Pinterest Thursday School 2017-2018-Preschool Binder Part 1

6 Jul

As some of you may know, starting this year, The Boy will no longer be attending public school.  I am very excited that this year, the whole family will be homeschooling together!
Of course, this means I will be going from homeschooling one kiddo, to homeschooling THREE!  This year, we will have a preschooler, a second grader, and a fifth grader-whew!
In order to make this transition a little easier on myself, I decided to spend extra time this summer prepping as much as I could in advance.  I figure, it can’t hurt to have things as organized as possible, right?  🙂
Well, the school year is VERY quickly approaching, so I thought I would share my curriculum picks, and some fun things I found on Pinterest for the 2017-2018 school year.  Because there is SO much, I thought I would start with the activity binders I made for each of the kids.  I know I won’t be able to help every kiddo at once, so I thought it might be nice to have something each person can work on while I am otherwise occupied.
Today I am going to begin sharing The Little Guy’s Preschool binder.  There are a lot of things in his binder, so I will be sharing parts of it over the next few weeks.
Let’s dig in!
I have several goals for The Little Guy this year-recognizing letters and numbers, getting used to holding a writing utensil, learning how to use scissors, etc.  I want it to be low stress though-where he can just work on what he wants, when he wants to.  It is just Preschool after all.  I think more than anything, he really just wanted to have something to do like the big kids, so this is what I came up with:
Alphabet Letters
ABC Letters to Trace A
pin found here
I printed each letter, then put two into each page protector back to back (to save on page protectors), and he uses a white board marker to trace the letters, and then just wipe them off when he is done.
Number Puzzles
Number Puzzles: 1-20  {Free Sample Set}This Number  Puzzles activity set contains 2 printable puzzles focusing on ordering numbers 1-20.  Each page has a fun picture with cutting lines and ten ordered numbers, ranging  from 1-20. Simply print the puzzles and cut apart the pieces.
pin found here
Free Thanksgiving (Multi-Age) Printable Pack
pin found here
I printed, laminated, and cut these.  I placed each puzzle it its own quart-sized baggie, and then put several into a hole-punched zipper pencil pouch, which I then inserted into his binder.
Preschool Packs
I also printed several things from Preschool Packs including: number puzzles (like those above), size sequencing, clip and count cards, line tracing, etc.
All of these packs are free, so I just picked which pages I wanted to print, and went from there.  I do recommend printing in fast draft so that you don’t use up too much ink.  After pages are laminated, they look better color-wise anyway, and your kids won’t know the difference!
Printable Packs
pin found here

pin found here
Garden themed printables for #preschool and #kindergarten ~ over 40 pages of learning fun! Free via
pin found here
Free Zoo Pack contains over 70 pages of activities for different zoo animals. Covering safari, tropical, arctic, alaskan, pond, outback, and woodland.
pin found here
If you are interested in fun printables like these, I highly recommend checking out Homeschool Creations on Pinterest.  She has lots of amazing printables by theme, as well as fun activities to go with them.  You can check her out here.  Also, you can check out for even more printable packets.
Well, that’s plenty for today!  I will share more of The Little Guy’s Preschool binder next week.  Have a great day!

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