Girl Scout Valentines

24 Jan

Ahhh…it’s approaching Girl Scout cookie time………smell the Thin Mints in the air……..


The point of this drooling session, is that this year I am a Girl Scout leader, and I volunteered to do something with the girls while their parents heard all the rules for selling cookies this year.

And, I thought it might be fun to make some cards.  Big surprise, right?

The girls made Valentine’s Day cards to give away to family and friends, as well as some for a local fire station.

I found some hearts I had already punched and stamped with Valentine sayings in my stash, and stamped and die cut some additional images for them to use.  I know you will be shocked to see some yetis in the mix, right?  🙂

Here’s a shot of some of the fun things I had ready for them to color and assemble:
IMG_3275.JPG     IMG_3279.JPG     IMG_3281.JPG     IMG_3283.JPG
And I managed to snap a few quick shots of some of the cards going to the fire station:
Pretty cute, right?

Much thanks to The Girlio who manned the die cutting machine for quite a while to help make all the die cuts.  She loves that thing.  And I love her help!  🙂


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