Book Review-The Cottage

15 Nov

The Cottage by Michael Phillips is book two in the Secrets of the Shetlands series.  It picks up with Loni Ford-an American who has just discovered she has inherited property in the Shetland Islands.  She flies to the islands in order to put papers in order and sell anything of value, only to discover things are much more complicated than they first appeared.  Suddenly, she is an outsider in a culture of long-standing traditions she knows nothing about.  And there are those that would like to take her inheritance for their own desires.  Will she be able to determine the best course of action for herself?  And, as she begins to care about those inhabiting the island of Whales Reef, can she decide what is best for them too?
My Thoughts:  I thoroughly enjoyed this book.  It is well-written, and has a very interesting plot line.  The story has great characters, wonderful friendships, and plenty of twists and turns.  I also really enjoyed reading about the culture and traditions of the area (as well as the culture and traditions of Loni’s Quaker past)-very interesting stuff.  It is not necessary to have read book one (I hadn’t, and was able to follow the story just fine), but is a good enough book, that it makes you want to go back and read the first.  This is a great book, and will definitely be going into my collection.  I highly recommend this one-especially if you are interested in Scottish and/or Quaker history and traditions, and enjoy a nice romance!
As always, a big thank you to Bethany House for sending me a free copy of this book-I enjoyed it very much!


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