Pinterest Thursday-Space Crafts Pt. 2

22 Sep

Last week I shared a few of the space-themed crafts we made from Pinterest.  Here are a few more.
Space Word Search:
Outer Space Word Search Activity Sheet - Free Coloring Pages for Kids - Printable Colouring Sheets
pin found here

Star Gazing Paper Towel Tubes:
Constellation Activity & Craft For Kids - a simple and creative way to help your children learn about the night sky constellations during daylight hours!:
pin found here
For these, I cut and laminated the constellation cards, and then I had the kids paint on typing paper with our new Kwik Sticks:
The Pencil Grip Kwik Stix Solid Tempera Paint, Super Quick Drying, 12 Pack (TPG-602)
I love these things-paint that dries quickly with a lot less mess!  Anyway, after the paint dried, I helped them tape their masterpieces around their paper towel tubes.  I think they all disappeared before I could get pictures, but they turned out really neat!

I also checked this book out of the library:
Astronomy and Space, Book of IL:
pin found here

And finally, this song isn’t new to us, but if you like stuff about this planets, check out this super cute (and catchy) song and video.


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