Homeschool Curriculum Pt. 7-Reading

17 Sep

I hope you are enjoying a peek inside our homeschool curriculum.  Today we are talking Reading-my favorite!  🙂

For Reading, I have always made it a policy for The Girlio to read thirty minutes a day.  She loves to read, so this hasn’t even been an issue.  I have noticed she tends to stick to certain genres of books though (fairies, princesses, etc.)

So, to get her out of her rut and expose her to other types of books, I came up with a plan for our read aloud time.

I typically read one chapter a day aloud from a book of my choosing.  There are SO many good books out there, but I decided this year to focus on books that are parts of series.

I figured if I could get her interested in the first book of a series, she might consider reading the rest of the series and branching out a bit.  This was a GREAT plan, and has been working very well.

We started with The Littles as I already owned the first book:

She has read twelve out of fifteen so far, and has the last two the library has on hold.

Then we read Pippi Longstocking (another from my stash):

She read one more out of this series before deciding it wasn’t for her.

Next, we read The Boxcar Children.

She really didn’t want to read this one, but once we started, she was intrigued.  She is in the middle of the third one, and has the fourth on hold at the library.  This one has TONS of books in the series, so I am really glad she likes it!

Right now, we are in the middle of The Indian in the Cupboard:

She really likes this one too, so I am hopeful she will continue with this series as well.

My list after this is quite long, but here are just a few of the titles (that belong to series) I have in mind:
Stuart Little
The Cricket in Times Square
Henry Huggins

She is also currently working through the Weird School, Magic Tree House (we started this series as a read aloud last year), and The Lemonade War series. So, I might go back to reading some single books that aren’t part of series after these.  She should have enough new stuff to keep her busy for a while, and Mr. Popper’s Penguins is calling my name.  🙂

We are part of the Pizza Hut Bookit program too, so every month when she meets her reading goals, she gets a free personal pizza just for her.  She doesn’t necessarily need the incentive to read, but it is a fun bonus at the end of each month.

So there you have it-how we do Reading in our homeschool!


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