Pinterest Thursday-Space Crafts Pt. 1

15 Sep

Last week, I spent some time prepping a few fun space crafts and games for the kids.  Here are the first two, and I will share the rest next week.
Constellation Sewing Cards:
pin found here
I laminated them, and then pre-punched the holes for ease of use.  I had never made any type of sewing cards before, and I was surprised how much all the kids enjoyed these!
*disclaimer-only The Girlio had a sharp needle.  The Boy had a blunt needle, and The Little Guy had a plastic needle.  🙂

Galaxy Game
This game is set up similar to Candy Land, but we changed the rules as it was just too hard to win.  We made it that you didn’t have to go backwards unless you got the spaceship, and everyone had a lot more fun-and less frustration.  The graphics are great, and I really like that it is the size of an 8 1/2×11 sheet so that I didn’t have to tape a board together.  Best of all, it’s free!  I laminated the board, and also all the pieces.  Fun stuff!
*FREE* Stars and Planets Printable Game:
pin found here


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