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Homeschool Curriculum Pt. 6-Music

10 Sep

For Music, we are continuing to learn piano.  My mom created some great beginner lessons for treble clef (which we completed last year) and bass clef (which we are working through this year.)  The Girlio also does scales, and has started her first song from this book:

Our goal this year is to play some basic songs with both hands.

We also started recorder using this book:

And this recorder:
Ravel PR19CRD Transparent Recorder with Cleaning Rod and Bag, Red
It was only $4.00 for the book, and $2.80 for the recorder, so very cheap investments indeed!  And, The Girlio has a friend down the street that is learning the recorder at school, so they have fun playing together.  🙂

I was impressed how quickly The Girlio picked up all the notes and was able to play the treble clef sections of the Star Wars songs (less than two days.)  I have heard her practicing away in her room and having so much fun.

I really like this book because it starts out with the very basics and some easy songs before getting into the Star Wars songs.  A great beginner book.  I ended up picking up a recorder for myself as well, and sometimes we play together.  Very fun.

Finally, we are doing some music appreciation this year as well.  I purchased this set from Confessions of a Homeschooler:
World's Greatest Composers
It was only a couple of dollars, but as it is digital-DOES require a lot of printing.  It was a lot of work to prep before we started, but we like it so far.  We have covered the basics of what an orchestra is, time periods in music, and soon will start with the composers.  We are checking out the supplemental materials from the library, so it has been nice to not have to purchase any additional materials for this one.

So there you have it-what we are doing for music!

p.s. if your kids enjoy music, I HIGHLY recommend this game:
Compose Yourself Music Card Game
Kids can compose their own songs, print the sheet music, and even download the mp3s to CD and listen to their own compositions.  I got it for $14.99, and it is TOTALLY worth it!