Homeschool Curriculum Pt. 5-Bible

3 Sep

This year, I got The Girlio her first real Bible:

I also picked up the matching devotional:

I got a fantastic deal on these from  They were listed as damaged-but they looked pretty new to me once we got them.  The Bible retailed for $25.99 (purchased for $9.99), and the devotion was $12.99 (purchased for $2.99.)  I’ll take those deals!  🙂

We are working on learning the books of the Bible (we already finished the Old Testament, and are halfway through the New Testament) and then we will start memorizing scripture verses.  We came up with our own hand clap game to help memorize the books, and it works great!  If you want to check out a fun hand clap video to inspire you, check this one out.

For the devotional, The Girlio reads one to me every morning (great for read aloud practice) and then we can talk about it.

And that is what we are doing for Bible!


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