Homeschool Curriculum Pt. 3-Math

20 Aug

For math this year, we are staying with Math Mammoth.  We used it last year, and I really like how you can focus on one topic at a time until it is mastered.  I also like how affordable the workbooks are.  I got mine on sale and they ranged between $3-$5 each.  This year, we will be covering decimals, measurement, and division 1.  If we have time, we might also work on area and perimeter or angles.

We also use Khan Academy and ST Math.  Khan is free, and is a good way for me to tell that she understands the topics.  This will be our third year using it, and it is a great tool for review.  ST Math normally costs around $130.00, but I get it for free from the school system.  It seems like a game to The Girlio, so it is another great way to get in additional practice.  Even though all of these products utilize common core, I teach it to her the “easy” way (the way I learned as a kid), and as long as she comes with the answer correctly and can show her work, I am fine with that.  Because Khan and ST Math are on the computer, she can still come up with the answer her way.

I also wanted to practice word problems this year, so I picked up this workbook from Amazon for $2.99:

Finally, we use Pink Cat Studio products (I have previously posted about several of them) to practice our multiplication, division and fraction skills.

And that is what we are doing for math this year!


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