Toy Review-Block Scooping Wagon

16 Apr

<b>Mega Bloks First Builders Block Scooping Wagon</b> Classic - <b>Mega</b> <b>Bloks</b> ...

This week, we received a pretty fun toy to review-the Block Scooping Wagon by Mega Bloks.  It is made by Fisher Price and is a wagon with a handle that kids can pull around.  It came with twenty Mega Bloks, and even has a small platform built into the handle that can be used to create a tower of bricks.
But, this wagon has one unique feature that makes it even cooler.  A spinning wheel is built into one of the sets of wheels, allowing you to push the wagon over Bloks strewn about the floor, and PICK THEM UP.  My kids call it the vacuum cleaner.  What mom doesn’t like a toy that picks up its own mess?  🙂... Mega Bloks First Builders Block Scooping Wagon Building Set for 40%
The toy is geared towards one to five year old kids, and my two and a half year old boy is in love with it.  In fact, it was quite difficult to even get it away from him for the first few days to check it out for ourselves!
I really like the fact that the wagon is maneuverable, and can turn around tight corners easily.  We tested its ability to pick up blocks on tile, as well as thin and thick carpet, and it picks them up easily.  We even threw in a few of our larger generic plastic blocks, and it picked those up as well.
It is light, which is very nice as my son easily carries it up and down our four flights of stairs.  I can also attest to its durability, as I found my son sitting in it a couple of times!
The colors are bright and cheerful, and it is fun to hear the satisfying popping sound as blocks are successfully picked up.
I would say the only downside to this toy is that while any child can pull the handle and use this toy as a wagon, it can take a little education to teach them how to pick up the blocks with the wagon.  The wagon must be pushed, and only from one side in order for blocks to be sucked up by the spinning wheel.  My son figured it out after being shown a few times, but a younger child might not quite get the concept.
Regardless, this is a very fun toy for younger children.  And, my older kids (ages 6 and 9) were interested as well.  My six year old son managed to sneak it away from its parking spot by the crib while the toddler was napping in order to check it out, but as soon as nap time was over, the very first question was “Where’s my wagon?”
Thank you so much to Academics’ Choice for providing this complimentary toy for my unbiased review-I have a feeling this one is going to be a favorite toy for quite a while.


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