Spiderman Party Part 5

5 Mar

OK, whew-if you are still following along with all The Boy’s Spiderman party posts, I commend you.  🙂
And, I promise-this is the last one.
Today, I wanted to show you the cupcake cake my mom made.  I had shared a few pins from Pinterest with her, and this is what she came up with:
Isn’t that so cool?  Thanks mom!  🙂  The whole thing was made up of cupcakes, and she just laid paper eyes on top for effect.  The shiny paper you see is some wrapping paper that she wrapped around cardboard.  She put the cake on top so that she could transport it easily.  Great idea, right?
Cupcakes worked especially great because we essentially did two parties back to back.  The first was with my family.  Because my dad and The Boy have birthdays just a few days apart, we celebrated with lunch, opened presents, and then we were able to just grab blue cupcakes from the edges while leaving the main part of the cake intact for the second party held later in the day with all The Boy’s friends.
Here’s a picture of the TWO birthday boys together.  Good thing my dad doesn’t mind a Spiderman theme.  🙂

OK, now we are finally down to the last thing I wanted to share.  Birthday treats for school.  I had a really hard time figuring out what to make.  I know the teachers don’t love having cupcakes because they are so messy, so I thought I would make cookies.
But, I wanted to decorate the cookies and still be able to pile them on top of each other (otherwise, I would have had trays and trays of cookies I would have had to somehow transport to the school.)  SO, after much research, I decided to try icing.  I can’t even remember the last time I made my own icing (I was probably a kid), but I decided to give it a go.
After my cookies baked and cooled, I combined powdered sugar and water, and then dipped the tops of each of my cookies into the mixture.  I set them aside to dry, and then came back with some store-bought red icing and made spiderwebs.  I could have made my own red icing, but I didn’t want it to be pink-I wanted a vibrant red color.  I was pleasantly surprised how well they didn’t stick together, but I still wrapped them in sections of tin foil so that the designs wouldn’t get ruined before I got them to school.  Here’s how they turned out-not too bad for my first try at something like this:
You can see my leftover smiley faces off to the side.  🙂
SO, there you have it!  The Boy’s Spiderman party!  Good thing I didn’t go overboard, right???  🙂


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