Spiderman Birthday Part 3

3 Mar

All this week I have been sharing parts of The Boy’s birthday party, and today-it’s the goodie bags!
I had so much fun with these!
First up, the actual bags:
I found the idea for this on Pinterest here.
Basically, I picked up some red bags from Michaels and drew on some lines with a black Sharpie.  Then, I cut out some teardrop shapes from white typing paper for the eyes and glued them to the bag.  Finally, I outlined the eyes with a black Sharpie.

Next, the fun stuff inside!
I found this box at Walgreens:
It was on clearance from Valentine’s Day, and was filled with 10 Spiderman gummy heads.  Perfect (and cheap!)  And, the box was very durable and now holds The Boy’s markers, so that was perfect too!
I made some decorated suckers based off of this pin.  They had made a Superman-themed sucker, but I decided I could easily convert that to Spiderman.  I bought some red and blue felt sheets from Michaels.  I cut the felt into triangle shapes, and then drew a spiderweb pattern on the shapes with my black Sharpie.  I poked a hole for the sucker, and threaded the sucker through the hole.  And presto-cute Spiderman-themed suckers!  🙂
You can see pictures of the final results in the pictures below.
Finally, I added party blowers, rings (for the girls) and shaped rulers (for the boys) leftover from previous birthday parties.
The Girlio also made loom bracelets in Spiderman colors, and I added the suckers.
The Girl version (with a ring):
The Boy version (with a ruler):
Fun, huh?
Well, believe it or not, that’s not all.  I also made some fun party favors that didn’t fit into these bags.  Stay tuned tomorrow for some really fun gifts I made for the party attendees!  🙂


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