Spiderman Birthday Part 2

2 Mar

Yesterday, I shared the birthday decorations for The Boy’s party, and today I thought I would share the games and craft.
First up, was this game:
pin found here
I changed it up a bit because, well number one I wasn’t going to have anything on my wall that looked like actual spiders-yikes!  And second, I didn’t see a need to have it on a piece of paper.  I put the blue tape directly on the wall, and cut Spiderman figures out of wrapping paper and laminated them for the pieces.  Whew-much better than spiders!  🙂
Next, I found this game:
pin found here
I used a corner in our entryway and put tons of blue tape across it, and it turned out great.  We used little cotton pom poms from the kids’ crafting stash to throw up at it.  I think we might have “practiced” too much, because it didn’t end up being too sticky by the time the actual games started, but it worked out OK as the kids still had fun throwing the pom poms at it.  🙂
Finally, I made this one:
pin found here
It was super easy-just some blue tape on the floor, and then I found a little beanie stuffed animal for the thing they threw (I didn’t get a picture of how mine turned out, but it was similar to the above picture.)
For the craft, I thought it would be fun to set up a station where the kids could make super hero cuffs.  There are some great options out there!  I found this one, but they didn’t have a Spiderman theme:
pin found here
This one, but I didn’t want to mess with Velcro:

pin found here
And, finally this one.  I already had tons of toilet paper rolls and LOTS of leftover foam sheets with a sticker back as well as some other foam stickers-including letters.  Perfect!
pin found here
I cut one side of the toilet paper roll in advance, made a sample one so that kids could see what they could do, and then just piled all the supplies on a table.  Quick and easy, and double bonus that I already had all the supplies!  🙂
So, there you go-the games and the craft!  Tomorrow I will post pictures of what I did with the goodie bags.  🙂



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