A Spiderman Party Part 1

1 Mar

As with this year’s valentines, I MIGHT have gone a little overboard with The Boy’s birthday party this year.  He loved his Jake party so much from last year, that he was still talking about it and how he wanted games, etc. for this year-just like he had for his Jake party.  I thought “uh oh, I have set a precedent.”  🙂
I determined to just do “some” things for this year.  However, the more time I spent on Pinterest, the more ideas I got, and yeah, there you go.
The GOOD thing was that I determined to have everything completed a week in advance so that I wouldn’t get stressed, and so any ideas I had after that, I just had to let go.
Still, there is plenty to write about, so let’s jump in!
Yesterday, I shared a simple birthday card.  Today-the invitations and decorations!
For invitations, I printed this one from Pinterest:
pin found here
Great invitation, but it wasn’t until after I had printed it on white card stock, and trimmed them down, that I realized there is a spelling error (your instead of you’re)!!!!!  Argghhh!  A felt tip pen correction, and you could barely tell I fixed it.  Whew!
Next up, I made a banner for the front door.  I liked how this one looked:
pin found here
But, I thought it might take too much ink/work to get something similar.  So, I decided to keep it simple. I found this alphabet on Pinterest:
pin found here
I printed the letters onto white typing paper, cut them out, and glued them to blue card stock.  The letters were outlined with my red copic, and they got hung on the door.  Simple, and easy!
Another great decoration I found was this spiderweb snowflake design:
pin found here
I have to admit, I tried and TRIED to make these, and I kept cutting them wrong.  Fortunately, hubby to the rescue!  He was nice enough to fold them for me so that I just had to cut them.  We made close to 30 for the walls in the living room, dining room and kitchen.
Here are some shots of them up around the living room:
Last up for the decorations, I wanted to create a building wall like this:
pin found here
I loved the look, but didn’t want to mess with paper.  My mom had a fantastic idea-a garbage bag.  I cut open a bag and used post-it notes for the windows, and voila-buildings!  They turned out so great, and someone even told me they thought I had purchased the backdrop-best compliment you can get in my opinion (after The Boy loving it, of course!)
Well, there is plenty more to write about, but it will have to wait until tomorrow in Part 2!  Hope you are enjoying this so far.  🙂




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